Why Your Succulents Grew Leggy and Stretched-Out - Natalie Linda


Find out why your succulents grew leggy and stretched-out and what you can do to prevent this from happening with your other succulents!


  1. Posted by catherinebaxley, — Reply

    I live in the low county down south.. South Carolina as we know them as succulents we in the south called them Hens and bittes.. and I love my succulents and they do love the sunlight and they like water to .. I always had good luck with my Hens and Bittes.. lol😂

  2. Posted by MrsMelissaBryan, — Reply

    I have not had great luck with succulents so far. You don’t know what you don’t know! Thanks for the info!

  3. Posted by cherylyarboroug, — Reply

    Great news! Thank you. I will try to propagate today!

  4. Posted by RJK589, — Reply

    Very useful information. Thanks

  5. Posted by pastel2025, — Reply

    Mine just die lol

  6. Posted by jugacha, — Reply

    Not enough light!

  7. Posted by btsfese, — Reply

    Too much watering

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  10. Posted by mskamm, — Reply

    I just bought some succulents and I love them. I find your

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