A very funny refrigerator magnet ....Sorry to bother you


A high quality 2.5" x 3.5" refrigerator magnet


  1. Posted by busbydebbie1, — Reply

    The squirrels on my place knew where I kept my bird feed and tried to get into all the time

  2. Posted by cindy_handley, — Reply

    We definitely have that one squirrel, he loves the sunflower seeds best.

  3. Posted by michnativeone, — Reply

    Really!! No bother, I will just pop down and fill the feeder, just 4 you!!

  4. Posted by mcgonnellmaggie, — Reply

    Why did I read that in a slightly posh British accent?

  5. Posted by Dhmedrano, — Reply

    😂😂right! Their so cute

  6. Posted by NuggetOfFriendship, — Reply

    Theodores cousin

  7. Posted by pamelia18205, — Reply


  8. Posted by Rastis53, — Reply


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