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Are you having a bad day? Well, check these funny pictures gallery that will make you laugh. These funniest pictures


  1. Posted by no4940, — Reply

    I saw a maniac driver on the interstate with a license plate similar to this (it was like EXQUZME or something) and he was weaving in and out of traffic and all I could think about was him saying “excuse me” in a funny little voice every time

  2. Posted by BibleYoda, — Reply

    I've seen this same meme literally about 20 times today. If Pinterest is trying to bore me and lose my attention then they are doing a great job.

  3. Posted by ginnyboden2556, — Reply

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  4. Posted by elizabethgflores9, — Reply

    They are headed to Sunshine Boulevard wtf kind of magic land are they in, Canada? (Not to be taken the wrong way)

  5. Posted by penelopebunker, — Reply

    lol, I imagine the cops trying to pull him over and just seeing his license plate 😆

  6. Posted by sudhikshasivakumar, — Reply

    Why is the first thing I thought of Jimin’s “ah exCuJi Meee”

  7. Posted by anOnym1tyy, — Reply

    I mean at least he was a polite asshole

  8. Posted by tabassum1462, — Reply

    ExcUji me *in jimins voice*

  9. Posted by channelddd, — Reply

    Man, what's the font they even use for these captions? Anyone?

  10. Posted by girl2bui, — Reply

    Jimin is that you

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